wyatt and jack X up cycled london | zero waste journey

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We are REALLY pleased to announce the first HUGE step on our journey towards being zero waste!

Ian Trought founder of UpCycled.London, makes cool, hardwearing, wallets and purses from up cycled bike inner tubes

We recently connected during a discussion on Twitter, now Ian takes all our bouncy castle bag offcuts, using them as a flash of colour through the centre of his wallets...

Read more about Ians story here

Get your very own Wyatt and Jack X UpCycled London collaborative wallet h e r e


Wyatt and Jack London Pop Up at The Trampery

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We are VERY pleased to announce that we have been asked to take part in the social marketplace Hey Good Spender  as part of the #socialsaturday2017 initiative 

There are just a small amount of carefully curated brands taking part, [we are very humbled to have been included!] which means a much more relaxed approach to shopping, with time to ask the people behind the brands about their ethos and for them to tell their stories- all in the light and airy Trampery

The brainchild of Good Apples who not only bring like minded businesses together, but also provide marketing and support for ethically minded brands and consumers...

We are VERY excited!! See You there for lots of bespoke pieces alongside some bargains and other old favourites


wyatt and jack X mossy earth

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We are really proud to introduce our BRAND NEW partnership with social enterprise Mossy Earth

For every £14.50 in purchases of our upcycled tote bags our partners Mossy Earth will plant a wild native tree to create our own Wyatt & Jack forest

[put even more simply,  every beach bag purchased, one tree will be planted, for every block colour tote, some saplings germinated- and so on...]

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise whose main goal is to deliver real environmental change by making a positive impact on the state of wilderness and forests around us.

This goes much beyond planting trees here and there. It means carefully managing the land to ensure ecosystems have the right conditions to flourish and become self-sustainable. This is done by selecting and germinating native tree species from local DNA pools, engineering the forest to resist wildfires and ensuring the conditions are met for the return of wildlife.

This project is fully transparent with regards to its outcomes. All trees planted through purchases from Wyatt & Jack will be photographed and the GPS coordinates of the area provided so anyone can visit and see for themselves.

wyatt and jack x social enterprise mossy earth tree planting bouncy castle bags online

Sapling germination in the greenhouse begins towards the end of September 2017 and all trees will be planted in Portugal when they reach the appropriate size.

We are REALLY excited to be a part of this initiative and can't wait to see how our little bit of forest starts to progress

Help plant some trees here

Just One More Thing....

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We are unbelievably excited to announce that Wyatt and Jack have been shortlisted for the Blue Patch Business Award for Sustainable Innovation!



Thanks SO MUCH for your support so far... We're still grinding away.....

In the words of Columbo - just one more thing.....

There is also a secondary 'Peoples Choice Award'... It would be AMAZING if you would help support us in our quest to save as many broken bouncy castles and beach paraphernalia from landfill as possible and take a millisecond to click on the link to vote for us..


Your continued support is what helps drive us onwards!





Brading Artisan Craft Market

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wyatt and jack trading artisan craft market up cycled deckchair and bouncy castle bags and accessories

This weekend [sat 22nd and sun 23rd June], we will be touting our wares at the Brading Artisan Craft Market at Rectory Mansion [old waxworks]


click here for more details, opening times and directions

Psssssttt: if you can't make it click HERE to shop our 30% off sale items 

wyatt and jack X etsy on sale

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We've just opened a BRAND NEW sale shop, over on Etsy.

Every couple of months there will be various discounts across various products... HOWEVER, to celebrate our GRAND OPENING, theres 30% off across ALL PRODUCTS in store

[the vivien, weekend holdall, WAS £67.95...NOW £47.57]

As the main site [] is now primarily a tote bags site, Etsy on Sale is THE place to find our previous season, end of lines and one-of-a -kind products

wyatt and jack bouncy castle up cycled bags buy one get one half price


We're also running a 'BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE' offer on our Block Colour Totes

[ends soon]

Enter code 'one for a friend' at checkout 


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Im not one for a quote really... its not my thing

I always think its patronising when i walk around shops and see bits of wood carved with instructions on how you should live, or how quietly mad your family are... ANYWAY, on this occasion, it seems appropriate.

Growing up i never saw myself as 'one of the girls'. My boobs were always the smallest, i couldn't put make up on without bearing more than a slight resemblance to Tim Curry circa Rocky Horror, so i threw myself into sport and automatically thought that most girls didn't want me around anyway...

It was only on a friends hen night LOADS of years later, that she told me they really wanted me to spend more time with them... so my shyness had come over as being aloof!! unbelievable.. all those misunderstood years

I had a minor operation yesterday. Just a day surgery job. But it reminded me of those days.

The same women i had been sitting opposite in the reception a couple of hours earlier, were all now lined up behind half drawn curtains, alongside me, together, without make up, or jewellery and all of us sporting the very glam post-operative gown [this i believe is all the rage in paris]

Nothing to hide behind. All pretty vulnerable.

It got me thinking.

Running a business, being women, we are very rarely able to show our vulnerability. We have to be 'ball breaking', 'hard hitting' competing in what really still is a 'mans world' and sometimes, going head to head with each other. 

Power Women.

But you know what. In that ward yesterday, all of us women, at our most vulnerable together, sharing stories and a few tears- there was a hell of a lot of power in that room.

Women leaning on each other, helping each other in what was for some, if not all, a difficult time, for one reason or another.

So, yeah, real Queens, they fix each others crowns.

They help each other up, they remember that behind our masks of makeup or carefully chosen outfit, we are all women, doing as best we can.. and instead of beating each other down, or comparing ourselves, we need to be solid in the fact that we are not in competition with each other- we are all the same- and we have LOADS to offer one another



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