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Surfers Against Sewage X Wyatt and Jack

" Single use bags are one of the UK’s most visually intrusive and damaging litter items blighting our countryside and coast. The 2013 Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch survey recorded over 48 single use plastic bags for every km of beach surveyed. The average person uses 133 bags annually, equating to a staggering 224 bags given out in shops and supermarkets every second. The majority of these bags are plastic and don’t biodegrade, they fragment, into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, over hundreds and thousands of years..."
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That pretty much means that they are not going anywhere... ever! And that's just the single use plastic bags...

 To help support this cause, we have collaborated with Surfers Against Sewage to introduce an exclusive range of co- branded tote bags.

 Made entirely from up cycled bouncy castle vinyl destined for landfill, these bags are sourced and sewn totally in the UK, here in our Bembridge workshop on the Isle of Wight.

 Built to last and use in place of a single use plastic bag, with a 'hands free', hard wearing webbing shoulder strap, in 7 different colours and collaborative labelling

s h o p | t o t e

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