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b e m b r i d g e | c o l l e c t i o n

This brand new collection, happened by chance and is the MOST locally sourced Wyatt and Jack range so far...


The highly patterned upholstery fabrics, were brought in to the workshop, by a lovely lady and good friend [Heather]... the salvaged silver boat covers, coincidentally, on an entirely separate occasion a few months ago, by her husband, Jim [who, conveniently, works at Bembridge Marine, down on the harbour...]

The soft salvaged green and mustard suedes were a present from an upholsterer, across the yard from the workshop...

Then all the pieces were hand washed, cut and sewn right here in our Bembridge workshop also....!


This is an unreal example of community, as well as sustainability and circular economy!

The fabrics have all travelled LESS THAN A MILE, to reach us...

Im secretly quite pleased about these

s h o p | b e m b r i d g e 

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