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meet the beach [the road testers]- natalie

Blogging is a modern art form.

As someone who has to write on a regular basis, i know how difficult it can be to make things sound... ermmmm.... interesting!

Giving people an insight into your world on a grand scale, is quite a brave thing to do. Especially when you're fitting it in around a job, family, relationships...and to make it something people want to be a part of, can be extremely difficult.

Natalie has managed all of those things within her highly personal and interesting blog, Plutonium Sox.

Her blogging is refreshing and upbeat.

Thats why, when we put out a call- and Natalie responded- we knew we had to have her on board to test our products.

As someone who LOVES the outdoors, walking, the beach AND having to juggle children and work- we knew she would put our products through their paces...

We asked Natalie what life is like for Plutonium Sox and family...

N.R: I am a mum who works from home in the Worcestershire countryside as a freelance writer. I juggle work with looking after a baby, a toddler, a dog and a cat (oh and a husband when he's not at work!) and I blog about the resulting chaos. 

W&J: What do you do to relax?

N.R: In my extremely rare spare time, I love to run, swim, cycle, do triathlons and play water polo. I love open water swimming and head to the beach at every available opportunity to swim in the sea. I even swam from the Isle of Wight back to the mainland once!

 A few years ago, I bought a battered old camper van that had a battered old surfboard with it. The camper van has since been scrapped but the surfboard comes with us on all our holidays. It's old and knackered but much loved. Neither myself or my husband has ever managed to stand up on that board!

W&J: which is your favourite Wyatt and Jack bag?

N.R: Definitely the Geometric [cross body] Shoulder Bag!

 It is perfect for my lifestyle because it fits everything I need and I can carry it hands free. Despite being practical, the geometric is also stylish and of course I love the concept of it being made from bouncy castle off cuts, it's brilliant! I will also be dropping subtle hints to my husband to buy me the Six Satchel because it's beautiful. 

I love the principal behind Wyatt and Jack because it flies in the face of everything I hate about fashion. I love that you use local people to make your bags so that you know the conditions they are working in are excellent and their work is good quality. But most of all I love that you use reclaimed materials, something we should all be doing more of. 

W&J: what do you like on your toast?

N.R: I know it's controversial but it's got to be marmite for me. I'm pleased to say that both of my girls are also marmite lovers, much to my husband's disgust! 

We will be updating you shortly with highlights of Natalie's adventures with our bags...

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