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wyatt&jack X surfsistas

Sometimes when we pack up our up cycled deckchair canvas bags- we wish we were getting in the box to go with them on their adventures... especially when the adventures are in Costa Rica...or Bali....

We are unbelievably please today to announce a  brilliant new brand partnership with the lovely Surf Sistas.

Surf Sistas provide amazing surfing holidays in the UK, France, South America and Indonesia, for ladies of all surfing ability []

You can cycle around France or drive through the jungle finding surf spots, eating amazing food and meeting new folk... mind wandered slightly for a minute there...

If you're lucky enough to be joining them on one of their trips, you will find one of our Ursula bikini bags or mini wax pouches in your goodie bag.. YaAHhhhOOOOOO

Both bags are made entirely from our up cycled deckchair canvas or repurposed bouncy castle PVC and are designed specifically with waterspouts in mind..

Shove your wet bikini in the Ursula and she will make sure everything else in your bag stays dry!

After waxing up your board- the mini wax pouch will stop it melting all over everything else, with its protective PVC lining and entirely recycled stripy exterior...

If you [like us..] are around in the UK for a bit longer, you can get hold of one of our mini wax pouches here... [for a VERY limited period]

PLUS, if you purchase an Ursula bikini bag- you get one FREE [whilst stocks last]

Its lovely working with you Surf Sistas..we're looking forward to hearing about your adventures- its not going to be long before i hitch a ride in your suitcase!


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