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We Couldn't Do It Without You

Not that it should really have a dedicated month, as more and more of us are thinking locally now... but July has officially be named the month to Support Your Independent Retailer'

Its hard out here, competing against larger companies, offering more for less... but what is 'MORE' if it comes at the expense of a proper living wage or the planet?

It sounds cheesy and it has all been said before, but it's especially relevant to those of us who are currently trying to change the way things are usually manufactured/produced or sourced through our businesses...

Thats enough about that, Im thinking you wouldn't be reading this at all if you didn't know what i'm talking about- so, to celebrate YOU, the customer who already knows, for the last couple of weeks of July, we will be popping a little free gift in with all Wyatt and Jack orders...

Just as a little thank you, for supporting responsibly sourced, sustainable product..

We couldn't do it without you


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