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not war | peace


Its not very often that I use wyatt and jack as a vehicle for anything political, but last week, I was so moved by a photograph I saw, I felt like we had to do our bit to help... [however small that may be- i have been assured, that our contributions will find their way to the right people...]

 Based on that photograph and doing some further research, we have put together a very special range of slogan bags

Especially printed for us by our neighbours and friends at the Sign Shop [Bembridge], may we introduce our up cycled bouncy castle PVC 'Not War' and 'Peace' slogan bags.

25% of the proceeds of each bag, will go directly to UNICEF, to help the children who are directly affected by the consequences of war 

Choose from the mini gym bag|rucksack , large clutch or long tote bag...

You can shop them all here....



rucksack: H 40 cm W 31cm [at base]

long tote: H 49 cm W 33 cm

medium clutch: H 20cm W 34 cm

large clutch: H 35cm W 35 cm




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