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i wasn't a bag maker

My degree is in Studio Ceramics...

The bags happened because of that actually. It was organic, i didn't MEAN for it to happen, [I'm pleased it HAS], but it was never intentional.

Wyatt and Jack has always been about the fabric to me and its connection to memories and nostalgia, that seem to be shared with anyone who has ever spent a British summer [rain or shine], on a deckchair, or snuggling behind a windbreak.

The Bembridge workshop smells like my childhood. Like new pencil cases, suntan lotion and salty air.

Every morning when i walk in, its the thing i love the most. Every single bag smells like that too.

Of holidays and memories.

Funny thing is, much as i constantly bang on about our fabrics and how much i love them, i don't think, ironically, Ive valued them enough.

This was pointed out to me, in a meeting last week and its true.

Every single piece of fabric in the workshop, [or in the container outside] has come to us after a lifetime serving its purpose, braving the elements, providing comfort in a storm. 

Deckchair canvases have a memory [they literally do!] They will hold a shape, if you fold them.

Sometimes they arrive with a dip, the shape of a bottom, where people have been sitting... year, upon year, upon year...!

Every single piece is then repaired, hand washed, hand cut and hand sewn, individually [you can't batch cut vintage deckchair canvas, please see above bottom dilemma!]

It takes time. A LOT of time... and because i enjoy it so much, i don't think I've given much thought to how much time it takes, how painstaking the processes are.

I haven't really thought of it as work to be honest. I still don't.

There are some new bags on the way this week.

Every single one has taken a long time to complete. A lot of deliberation, a lot of prising my most favourite fabrics out of my hands so they can be used and enjoyed by others.

They haven't been outsourced. They are ENTIRELY made here on the Island.

They are bespoke. They are VERY limited in number. And they are a testament to the fact that we SHOULDN'T be throwing these perfectly useable fabrics away..

Im a bit nervous about showing them for the first time. I'm hoping, 6 years later... I can call myself a bag maker... 


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