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season 1

The new range of bags are now live on the site...

Its a really big change, but I definitely think its more reflective of the way the bags used to be made and how they should be made, in line with the availability of the fabrics...

Its much more sustainable. It also means, that the new bag owners, get a product that is limited in number, sometimes the ONLY one in number!

Season 1 : Grey & Orange

The grey fabric is super soft repurposed, water resistant gazebo canvas. The orange is a a combination of two contrasting fabrics. 

The waxed cotton canvas has come to us after serving many years on the beaches of Margate, Kent, as trampolines. In fact, a lot of the weighting of pockets and additional findings are the original weathered rings from those trampolines, meaning even LESS waste..

The orange broken bouncy castle vinyl PVC is exactly that! Rescued from arrival at landfill sites across the UK, these are bouncy castle offcuts, or whole castles, that have been damaged after a long long time providing bounce at parties, on beaches, weddings....

Unbelievably hard wearing, tactile and brilliant for making bag bases that will stand on their own.

Theres also some of the original vintage deckchair canvas in amongst it all... some of its a secret- you have to spot it yourself...!

    Its a much more bespoke, slow, considered way or working, much more suited to the Wyatt and Jack ethos... plus, it also keeps everything fresh and new, which is ironic, as very rarely anything we ever use... is new!

[dont forget... you can still find all our previous ranges and colours, over at our etsy shop...]

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