the road testers: demelza taylor

Demelza Taylor is a one off... Not only is she the creative force behind the beautiful and inspiring London Surf Film Festival [if you haven't been- you really need to], co founder of the insightful Approaching Lines collective and enthusiastic crafter of hand planes- she does it all with a whacking great smile on her face, a spring in her step and one of our bags on her shoulder...

We caught up with her to find out more about the passion behind the constant drive...

[erm, saying all this if you ever meet her and she offers you cake, probably best to politely decline]

Hailing from the Cornish Heartlands, writer Demi Taylor has penned seven books on surf and travel and contributes to publications from Cooler to The Independent.

When not at her keypad or out in the waters, she can be found covered in sawdust, finessing her latest hand plane design.

Co-Founder of creative collective Approaching Lines, she indulges her love of the moving image as Creative Director of the London Surf Film Festival

W&J: Tell us a story about your connection with the beach

DT: The beach is the last part of the journey to the sea- a place of possibilities and adventure. Growing up in Cornwall, it was a place we sought out.. in all weathers..

Even when we lived in the desert, we'd make a regular journey to the coast, camping out for the weekend to clear the dust and find some breathing space. The ocean drew us together and gave us our freedom, which is how i still feel about the sea and surfing. It always draws you back...

Theres sand in my house, my handbag, my car, but thats fine with me, it just means wherever i go i can take a little bit of beach with me

W&J: Which is your favourite bag and why?

DT: My tote- my escape bag. It perfectly fits my hand plane and swim fins and i keep it in the car to ensure wherever i am i can always dip ion for a quick surf. Its made from bottle green pvc so i can sit on it and drive home in my wetsuit or perch on it for an impromptu beach bbq

W&J: What puts a smile on your face?

DT: Good friends, good stories, good music, good waves, good words, good food, good weather, good design, good times!

W&J: What do you put on your toast?

DT: UMmmm, Im going through a bit of a porridge renaissance at the moment.. but i havent yet found anything that doesn't go with toast!


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