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inflatable amnesty / one year on....

I just realised, that earlier this week, was the year anniversary of the launch of our Inflatable Amnesty initiative... [ not a year since we started making bags from inflatables BUT a year since we thought it may be a good idea to see if other people wanted to save theirs from landfill too...]

Turns out they *you* did! In quite a major way!

Steve is usually the one who wants to categorise everything and number it, [thats not really me to be honest!] BUT, i found this whizzy programme on the internet that lets you design pie charts in LOADS of colours, so i made TWO... [i know, right?!]

The first one [shown below] is the amount of different inflatables sent to us/ swerved from landfill... so far, from the launch of the initiative on a global scale, in July last year...[this DOESNT include parcels/ collections made in the last week that may not have been opened yet and are in the workshop...]

wyatt and jack inflatable amnesty collected so far 2018 2019

The miscellaneous items are things like, unicorns, flamingos, you can see, these are by far the largest amount [not including promotional banners]

This next chart shows the amount of items we have physically MADE into bags, specifically using items salvaged as part of the amnesty.... 

bags made from recycled inflatables wyatt and jacks inflatable amnesty one year on

Its completely MENTAL when you look at it like this! 

Its also unreal how positive the response has been to what we're trying to achieve, so much so, that we have a VERY busy couple of weeks coming up, whilst we MOVE PREMISES!! EEEKKK!

THANKS so much to every single one of you, who has shared, posted, bought bags, donated inflatables, set up collection points... we couldn't do it without you!!

For those of you who may be reading about this for the first time, I have included a link to our most up to date Inflatable Amnesty Googlemap and a current list of items that we are able and unable to accept...

And yes, to those of you who have asked, our Inflatable Amnesty® is an ONGOING initiative, so yep, you can still send us through your broken or found and unloved inflatables, the address is on our contact page here

THANKS so much again and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


wyatt and jacks inflatable amnesty® accepted items for recycling inflatables


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