Sustainability Sunday // The Ethical Box

The world of sustainable and ethical products and fashion, has grown enormously, in the last couple of years especially.
Its now much easier to access and include ethical products into your everyday life, but for those dipping a hesitant toe into the water, where do you start?
Its overwhelming to think about changing your entire grocery cupboard/wardrobe/bathroom cabinet overnight..
the ethical box sustainable bamboo toothbrush
Plus it would seem now, as with most things that become more visible quite quickly, there seems to be an unfortunate air of 'Everyone can do it, I am, You're not doing enough'. An unnecessary competitive edge, that applies unnecessary pressure.
Financial, time, family and living restraints, mean that not all avenues of sustainability are open to everyone. So if you're thinking of making small changes bit by bit, The Ethical Box is a great place to start!
They have even collated an affordable starter pack with the essentials you need to start on your own sustainable journey...
We spoke to them about their brand and the story behind their ethical journey...
W&J: What's the name of your ethical business / brand and what is your role within it?
E.B: The Ethical Box, I am a one woman band so I do everything!
W&J: What prompted you to work in the ethical field?
I wanted to be able to make a living from something I was passionate about but would also have a positive impact on the planet.
W&J: Whats your long game? What goals do you hope to acheive through running your business?
I hope to help people start taking steps to reduce their plastic usage.
W&J: How do you intend to get there?
By promoting my brand and collaborating with fellow ethical brands to help reach more people.
W&J: Whats the single most important thing you've learnt about yourself through running your business / brand?
It's tough! However, this is the first time I went forward and did something like this so I guess I've learnt that I'm stronger than I previously thought.
W&J: If you could give a piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Take more risks!
W&J: What can we expect to see from you in the coming 6/12 months?
Hopefully The Ethical Box will get bigger and better, adding more themed boxes and reaching more people who are at various different stages in their zero waste journey.
W&J: Who are your ethical brand heroes and why?
The Natural Beauty Box because Emma started where I am and has built and incredible brand.
W&J: Lastly, whats the soundtrack to your working day?
Anything from the 80's.
See the whole Ethical Box Collection Here and follow the #consciousconsumer over on Instagram for updates

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