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wyatt and jack X mossy earth



We are really proud to introduce our BRAND NEW partnership with social enterprise Mossy Earth

For every £14.50 in purchases of our upcycled tote bags our partners Mossy Earth will plant a wild native tree to create our own Wyatt & Jack forest

[put even more simply,  every beach bag purchased, one tree will be planted, for every block colour tote, some saplings germinated- and so on...]

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise whose main goal is to deliver real environmental change by making a positive impact on the state of wilderness and forests around us.

This goes much beyond planting trees here and there. It means carefully managing the land to ensure ecosystems have the right conditions to flourish and become self-sustainable. This is done by selecting and germinating native tree species from local DNA pools, engineering the forest to resist wildfires and ensuring the conditions are met for the return of wildlife.

This project is fully transparent with regards to its outcomes. All trees planted through purchases from Wyatt & Jack will be photographed and the GPS coordinates of the area provided so anyone can visit and see for themselves.

wyatt and jack x social enterprise mossy earth tree planting bouncy castle bags online

Sapling germination in the greenhouse begins towards the end of September 2017 and all trees will be planted in Portugal when they reach the appropriate size.

We are REALLY excited to be a part of this initiative and can't wait to see how our little bit of forest starts to progress

Help plant some trees here

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