Sustainability Sunday // Arvin Goods

Sustainability Sunday // Arvin Goods

Every day Wyatt and Jack come into contact with new and existing, AMAZING brands, with sustainability at their core

We wanted to bring some of these brands to your attention, in case you were missing out on some of the genius and earth friendly products and processes that they are putting into practice on a daily basis

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Life After The Beach | some chairs WERE harmed...

Life After The Beach | The Journey From Beach to Bag

The FIRST [animated] film we ever made, showing the journey our up cycled deckchair canvases make from the beaches of the South Coast, to becoming your bag...

When we first showed it to our [3 year old] daughter, she cried her eyes out! We had to reassure her [and anyone reading this!] that Declan chair is STILL very much alive and well and living in the workshop- he is in retirement and will never be made into a bag!

We can't promise, however, that no other chairs were harmed during the making of this film :/

Interestingly, the stripes change according to the beach they may have been sourced from, we are always adding new stripes, to both this site and our etsy store The shop link below, will take you to the current range of blue and white striped totes, sourced from Sandown Beach, here on the Island and ten minutes away from our Bembridge workshop

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Most of the manufacturing remains exactly the same as this, with the addition of an industrial sewing machine, new workshop / retail space and a LOT more fabric storage...

We are in the process of making some new little films, but, as promised in last weeks blog, we wanted to bring those of you who may have just joined us [thanks!] up to speed on our ethos and practices


Shop your vintage deckchair canvas bag h e r e 



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